Instructional Resources

Kentucky Department of Education:
  • Teachers have full access to Open House where student achievement data (NCLB, KCCT, and upcoming KPREP) college & career readiness reports, school & district report cards, nonacademic data, gap & growth reports as well as other relevant school & district data can be found and utilized.
Kentucky Department of Education - Instructional Resources:
  • Teachers can find and utilize instructional resources pertaining to: career and technical education, equity and gaps, curriculum documents, early childhood development, elementary, middle and high school resources, exceptional children, gifted and talented, highly effective teaching and learning, ILP (Individual Learning Plan), interventions, library media, literacy, operation preparation, program reviews, virtual learning, student and family support and other valuable resources.
Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System:
  • Teachers are able to access Kentucky Core Academic Standards in English/language arts and math, deconstructed standards/learning targets, Program of Studies, Core Content 4.1, directly linked, aligned, high-quality, multi-media instructional resources from KET EncycloMedia: Discovery Education, SAS Curriculum Pathways, Kentucky Standards for World Language Proficiency, Early Childhood Standards, Kentucky and ISTE National Technology Standards and AASL Library Standards. 
  • Teachers also have the ability to plan, design and schedule lessons using the characteristics of highly effective teaching and learning to help facilitate standards-based learning in their classrooms. A test item bank with more than 11,000 standards-based questions can be accessed to create, schedule, and administer classroom assessments aligned to a particular standard.  This site will continue to evolve into a one-stop-shop for teachers in curriclum, instruction and assessment.
ASSIST - Program Review Reporting Tool