Victoria Estep
Friday, October 25, 2019

On the 11th of October 2019 at the Sandy Hook County Park, the Elliott County High School JROTC cadets participated in their 5th annual Volksmarch fundraiser. The cadets were tasked with finding sponsors to support them based on how many miles they ran and/or walked during the Volksmarch. Cadets could also procured flat rate donations.

The day was warm with a little drizzle. There were many parents present. Some manned the grill and hot dogs. While others observed the cadets as they sat in camping chairs and chatted. They seemed to enjoy the food and conversation. So did the cadets when they took breaks in between laps.

Aleah Wagner ran twelve miles, winning the title of most miles ran for female cadets and William Duncan ran 11 miles winning the title of most miles ran for male cadets. Each winner received a gray hydro flask as their reward for doing such an amazing job.

Cadets put their all into this event and we are proud of all that participated or helped out with food and lap counting. And for those who weren’t completely exhausted, there was the Sadie Hawkins Dance afterwards to enjoy.