NTI Day Information
NTI Day Information
Michael Wagner
Thursday, December 12, 2019

Non-Traditional Instructional (NTI) Day

Elliott County Schools

Information Sheet

  • What is a Non-Traditional Instructional (NTI) Day?
  • How will my child complete lessons?
  • When will NTI be used?
  • What if my child has forgotten his password to login for their online assignments?
  • What if my child loses their NTI hard copy packet?
  • NTI Plan A or Plan B.
  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade

In response to the large number of snow days taken in the past in Elliott County, the district applied and was accepted to participate in the NTI program.  The NTI plan allows the opportunity for all Elliott County students to be engaged in meaningful learning on inclement weather or emergency days when conditions prevent school from being in session.  Students will be able to participate in learning through online lessons or by completing packets sent home.  These lessons will provide reinforcement, remediation and/or enrichment of activities that have occurred in the classroom.  Students will not be given any new content for NTI lessons.

Students with Internet access will able to complete the work online using programs the students are already familiar with.  Links for the programs are available on each school website.  Teachers will provide hard copies of the lessons for students without Internet access. Hard copy packets will be sent home with students prior to Christmas break.

The NTI plan will not be used on the first “snow day.”  Elliott County Schools will call an NTI Day when the district decides that missed days are impacting student learning.  Typically, this will be after we have missed several days in a row. The district will be using several forms of communication. You will be notified of NTI by receiving an automated phone call from the school district, through local news channels, and school Facebook pages.

You can contact your child’s teacher to receive your child’s password to login.

Hard copy packets for ALL classes will be available at your child’s school.

There are two variations. Plan A: Teachers will be available online throughout the day to monitor student participation and to offer feedback. Plan B: Teachers will report to schools at 9:00 a.m. Teachers will be available online and students will also have the opportunity to report to school between 12:00 and 3:00 for direct instruction, if road conditions are safe enough for parents to transport them.  BUSES WILL NOT BE TRANSPORTING STUDENTS ON NTI DAYS!

All Kindergarten and 1st Grade students will have hard copy packets.