KSP Conducts Active Shooter Trainings
Debbie Stephens
Friday, April 20, 2018

Every staff member in the Elliott County School District has recently had the opportunity to participate in Active Shooter Training.  Troopers and Detectives from Kentucky State Police Post #8 shared their insights into hostage situations, answered questions, and gave tips on best practice measures to take if an active shooting situation ever arises.  The training focused on learning from previous incidents and practicing the skills to use to best protect our kids.  Through active, role-playing scenarios, participants learned that they need to be aware that every situation is different and that their response will vary between running, hiding, or fighting, depending on the location of the gunman. 


Many thanks to KSP Post #8 for providing this very useful training, for increasing their presence in all of our schools, and most of all, for their dedication to public safety!