Debbie Stephens
Monday, February 04, 2019

There are individuals throughout our district that go above and beyond on a regular basis.  For January, we would like to recognize the following for their hard work and dedication to our students:

Shout out to Jamee Markwell and Kerie Steele for their awesome RTI notebooks!

Shout out to all SHE teachers for showing growth on iReady assessments!

Shout out to Mrs. Audrey for taking care of our students on a daily basis!

Shout out to Allen Hartman for doing whatever is needed to help out!

Shout out to Jackie Hutchinson for making sure that we are ALL taken care of!

Shout out to Jennifer Salyers and Destiny Gilliam for making sure the students are fed every day!

Shout out to Curtis Fields for keeping up with our kiddos items when they forget them on the bus!

Shout out to Whitney Moore and Jennifer Turner for working so hard with the LES Academic Team!

Shout out to Bill Hay and Johnny Smith for making sure all classrooms are warm every day!

Shout out to Kiana Maggard, Anita Lewis, Elesha Pelfrey, and Angie Lewis for continuing their education and attending professional development trainings!

Mrs. Holbrook would like to give a shout out to Mrs. Walker for volunteering to recognize students of the month for grades 9-12!

Shout out to Paige Flanery and Holly Markwell for filling in and helping teachers throughout the month of January!

Shout out to Rebecca Maggard for administering the first AP Mock Exam!

Mr. Gregory would like to give a shout out to Carla Faulkner for offering her mentoring skills!

Mrs. Holbrook would like to give a shout out to Jack Howard and Dennis Buschman for their hard work with the ECHS JROTC program!

If anyone would like to recognize someone for their "above and beyond" efforts to make our students' school experiences better, please let your principal know.