Celebrating Science Fun, Inc.

   When most students in the Elliott County School District think of “science” and “fun,” they automatically think of the Kuehner’s.  Most recently, Alan and Nancy Kuehnerdonated enough NASA-approved eclipse viewing glasses that EVERY student and staff member in the District would be able to safely view the historic total eclipse of the sun on August 21.  Additionally, they held assemblies to teach students the significance of the eclipse and the importance of protecting your vision while viewing this once in a lifetime event.  


   The couple’s involvement in school activities are too numerous to capture all of them, but include making (and eating!) ice cream using dry ice, building robots, building lamps for every 6th grade student to take home with them, making hot air balloons, hosting summer science camps, firing rockets—making science enjoyable, while teaching underlying science concepts.  To learn more about these activities, and the phenomenal couple who make them possible, visit the Science Fun, Inc. website at www.science-fun.org.  Science Fun, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all donations directly benefit educational activities for students in eastern Kentucky.


Thank you, Alan and Nancy!