Reminders from the School Nurse
Debbie Stephens
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As we look forward to next year and hopefully, healthier, more normal times, please remember that there are still requirements to be met for state school guidelines to help assess and promote the health of our students. Certain vaccines are required to prevent infections or greatly decrease their severity. These include physical examinations for school entry and 6th grade, with booster shots after age 4; immunizations, including the first MCV4, due at age 11 or 12 (6th grade level); and a MCV4 booster due at age 16 to help prevent meningitis, a type of brain infection.

There are still a few students who have not completed their Hepatitis A vaccine requirements.  To help ensure the health of your child and others, please get these caught up, as well as any other vaccine that is behind schedule.

 For initial school entry dental and vision exams are also required.

Some medical/health facilities are now reopening.  Please call to check and schedule needed vaccines and physicals. New prescription/orders are also due at the beginning of each school year. If the student has self-carry meds like an inhaler, Epi-pen or glucagon, make sure the provider indicates that on the form. Forms can be found under the menu>documents>health tabs on the Elliott County School District website at

It has been my pleasure serving the students of Elliott County Schools for the past 29 years, as I will be retiring this year.


Cheryl Gilliam, RN

Elliott County Schools