Dear Parent or Guardian,

The Elliott County School District, in partnership with Terrace Metrics, is proud to provide a cutting-edge service to students and families that is designed to assess the social/emotional strengths and needs of participating students in grades 6-12. The assessment tool takes an average of 10-15 minutes to complete and will be scheduled during the school day. More information can be found in the consent form that will be sent home with ECHS and ECMS students on Monday, November 1, and which is attached here.  

Why are we offering this service to parents?  Our district is committed to educating the “whole child,” that is, to teach academic and larger life skills to prepare them for college, career, and life. These life skills include working through adversity, being a critical thinker, accepting responsibility for one’s own actions, and getting along with others, among others. Research shows that social/emotional strengths are necessary to learn these larger life skills. The indicators assessed by Terrace Metrics are known to contribute to positive school and learning experiences.  

 As a district, we will receive a customized report for every student. This report will tell us how well the student is functioning overall and within each indicator. In addition, you will have access to a customized parent report, and the information in the parent report is linked to videos and other resources for guidance. Finally, each participating school receives a comprehensive report that details its strengths, and areas in need of attention and monitoring. 

 Please know that your child’s responses are confidential and secure. Each student accesses the assessment using none of their personal information. Further, teachers will not have access to your child’s responses, and the raw data will be stored separately from other educational records.

 School counselors and administrators will analyze these results very carefully and will provide interventions for students as necessary. You may be contacted by the school’s counselor or administrator if your child’s scores are significantly below their peers across several indicators. In addition, you will be contacted if your child endorses being at risk for severe depression. We value our partnership with you and are committed to students’ safe keeping  

Elliott County is proud to have the opportunity to provide such a progressive and forward-thinking approach to supporting all students. We are committed to providing your child with an exemplary education and we pride ourselves in our commitment to each of our students.